Landing Page Design for Lube-Shuttle®

I was given full creative freedom to create a responsive landing page design with an embedded video to promote the new Lube-Shuttle grease gun system by Mato. Mato are a world leader in engineering/lubrication equipment and do not sell direct.

A great example of landing page design, this one starts off by making it clear what the product is. Especially relevant is the large image and introductory paragraph which inspire trust and make it clear this is a quality item. Further down the page I added the value proposition and a YouTube video. Finally, add-on products and a clear call to action complete this persuasive landing page.

As with all of the websites I create, flexible layouts, flexible images and CSS media queries make this website ‘responsive’. It looks great on all of the most popular devices from Desktops to Tablets and even Mobiles!

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Landing page design
UI design preview of landing page
Landing page wireframe