Martial Arts Logo Design, Uniform and more

Tired of the stereotypes surrounding their Ninjutsu school, Sanashi Dojo hired me to create a new brand that would show them as “traditional yet current, a mix of Samurai meets MMA, no corny Ninja stuff“.

Martial Arts Logo Design, Stationery Design and Martial Arts Certificate Design

Because this was to be a complete rebrand, I started with the logo design. It had to look professional, modern and yet traditional. Taking inspiration from Samurai clan symbols, I created a stylized flower that has a strong colour palette and looks more ‘Samurai’ than ‘Ninja’.

After the logo had been accepted, I moved on to the stationery. The martial arts business card design is a simple, almost minimal design that reinforces the brand. The letterhead, envelope and training record complete the stationery. Finally, the martial arts certificate design is easy for the dojo to edit and comes with a matching envelope.

Martial Arts Uniform Design and Clothing

Especially important to the dojo was a new martial arts uniform design. It had to look “traditional yet current, a mix of Samurai meets MMA, no corny Ninja stuff“. Keeping with the default black for this type of dojo, I added the logo and kanji for a stunning look.

In order to boost earning from loyal students, I created a cool martial arts hoodie design with the logo emblazoned on the chest and hood. Finally, I designed the martial arts bag. It’s a simple bag with rope tie that is inexpensive to produce. As a result the bag is often given away by the instructors to students who have done particularly well.

Martial arts logo design and stationery
Martial arts stationery design
Martial arts uniform design