Portfolio Website Design for Brian Watson

TV advertising guru Brian Watson approached me to create a portfolio website design for his various creative services. Brian has directed over 2,000 TV adverts (Guinness World Record holder) and created the legendary ‘Fly The Tube’ poster. His target audience are leading media professionals.

Brian offers various services which range from his world-record breaking work as a Director, to stage shows and music. The media professionals who would be viewing Brian’s website have very little time, so making things easy to find was important. I created a layout that gives equal importance to each of the services. Each service has its own image chosen especially to make the page faster to browse.

A clean, user friendly website that loads quickly and is easy to scan with the eye. A large banner image of Brian with Philip Schofield and Tess Daly makes it obvious that Brian is an experienced professional.

A very enjoyable project for a legend in the media industry.

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Portfolio website design
Portfolio website wireframe
Portfolio website design - preview