UI Design for Hex Creatives

An interesting UI design project, Hex Creatives asked me to redesign their website which was failing to capture the interest of their target market. They needed a professional, modern one page website design that would appeal to high-end clients. They were happy to code it themselves and just wanted a professional, modern UI design.

Because this was to be a one page website, I started by researching the best order to layout the information. It had to flow well, inspire trust and convert well. With the wireframes agreed I moved on to the visual design: designing what the website would look like on desktop and mobile devices. It’s strong, creative look has a modern appeal and looks very professional.

Logo Design

Because the studio’s name begins with the word ‘Hex’, I decided to use a stylized hexagon as the logomark. Bright, modern colours give a modern feel to a memorable, easily recognized logo.

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UI design for Hex
UI design preview
UI design wireframe
Visual designer
UI design modal example
Hexagon logo design