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Modern design process

Collaborative design process

I truly believe in involving the client. Nobody knows or understands your business like you do; that's why my design process is collaborative: I'll send you previews at key stages and request your feedback. Together we will design something that knocks your competition out!

Low budget projects are made more affordable by making each step in the process shorter and including less design revisions.

  • Step 1. Research & Planning
  • Step 2. Design
  • Step 3. Development
  • Step 4. Launch & Teach
Research & PlanningGetting To Know Your Business & It's Users
  • In the first step I get to know you, your business, your brand, your 'value proposition' and competitors.
  • Next I study your target audience: their demographic, personality and what they expect from your website or graphic.
  • From this research I plan what your project needs and how best to achieve it within your budget.
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DesignWorking Together To Create Something Amazing
  • Using my research & planning, I lay out the 'wireframe' of a design that works well for your business and the target audience.
  • Wireframe agreed, I design an eye-catching, user-friendly website in Photoshop and upload a preview to InVision for your feedback.
  • Any requested changes are made until the design is agreed.
  • For UI design projects I bundle the assets with specs or upload to InVision Inspect (your choice).
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DevelopmentCoding The Design
  • In the Development stage (for websites only), I code the designs into live pages.
  • I include organic SEO in all websites I create. This gives you a head-start in search engine results.
  • Finally I test the website on various browsers and screen sizes.
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Launch & TeachYour New Website Goes Live!
  • With the website complete, I’ll show you a preview and make any requested changes.
  • At this stage I also offer training on how to maintain the website.
  • The project ends with me launching the website and submitting it to the search engines.
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Some of the tools I use:

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