Plymouth Web Design - The Facts

Plymouth Web Design - The Facts

This article covers the web design industry in Plymouth, where you can learn web design in Plymouth, wages and more.

Plymouth Web Design Courses

Ok, let’s start from the beginning – where can you find web design courses in Plymouth?

Plymouth University offer a ‘BA (Hons) Internet Design’ course which takes three years and has an impressive list of modules. Find out more on the Plymouth Uni BA (Hons) Internet Design course page.
If you prefer a smaller course there are loads to choose from in Floodlight’s list of web design courses in Plymouth. If you have the time and budget to learn online, and are very popular.
Disclaimer: This is a list of some available courses, it’s for you to research and choose what suits you best

Web Design Wages in Plymouth

Like any skilled job, web design wages vary according to who you work for, what you’ll be doing and your experience. An experienced Web Designer and Developer in Plymouth earns between £20,000 and £28,000 per year.

It may seem a wise move to leave Plymouth and move to London for better wages but don’t forget the cost of living in London is higher!

Larger cities in the UK offer better wages, the same job pays between £25,000 and £35,000 a year in London. According to, the London average is £28,731. It may seem a wise move to leave Plymouth and move to London for better wages but don’t forget the cost of living in London is higher!

Web Design wages by

More Skills = More Wages

Wages can be higher for those with more skills with the best going to Web Developers with knowledge of ASP. NET Framework, C# Programming Language, Asynchronous Javascript and XML (Ajax) Web Development, and ASP. NET.
Sources: Job search on, salary statistics on

Web Design Jobs in Plymouth

If you’d prefer to work for a studio than as a freelancer you can search job boards including, and which list a lot of web design jobs and web developer jobs in Plymouth. Be sure to type the correct title of the job you’re after into their search box: Web Designer, Web Developer, UX, etc.
You could contact Plymouth web design studios directly of course, though I would recommend you have at least ‘met’ on social media or at a Digital Plymouth meet-up.

If you’re newly qualified and are looking for a job as a Junior Web Developer I recommend you read ’12 Things You Must Do to Land a Junior Web Developer Job’ on

The Plymouth Web Design Community

Plymouth Web Design community - the Digital Plymouth meetupImage courtesy of the

Digital Plymouth do a fantastic job of bringing the Plymouth digital community together. They meet every three months and have an annual full day conference that celebrates the South West digital industry.
See you there!

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